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Businesses vote YES to King’s Road BID

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A Business Improvement District for the King's Road

Welcome to The King's Road Business Improvement District (BID) website.

This provides all the information you need to know about the proposed BID for this iconic street.

This website:

  • explains why a BID is needed, including the evolution of The King’s Road and the recent impact of COVID-19
  • provides progress to date, including the findings of the Feasibility Study
  • outlines the content of the draft Business Plan

Please see the meeting recording here for our recent Webinar discussing the establishment of the Business Improvement District and its proposed Business Plan.

The ballot to establish the BID will take place in November 2021. This website will be regularly updated as the BID ballot process to keep you informed with the latest information.

At a time when high streets are suffering from structural change, the King’s Road is performing relatively well thanks to its iconic status and recent investment by landlords.

Landowners, keen to ensure the continued success of the King’s Road, commissioned a Feasibility Study to explore the opportunities for securing its future vitality through the formation of a Business Improvement District.

The Feasibility Study collected the views of key local stakeholders drawn from businesses, residents and amenity groups, the local council, neighbouring institutions and community leaders. They told us what they thought about the King’s Road today and what their vision was for its future.

What needs to be done

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